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Recent projects include...

Major Construction Company, NE England (Dec 2013 - Oct 2016)


15-day-per-month Construction ICT Management of a 3-year UK Government capital programme to design, procure and install passive, active, wireless, telecoms, UPS & AV infrastructure in 12 new schools as part of a construction programme, plan & deliver a decant programme and handover the new services. The engagement began with bid support to win the contract and progressed through CP development, detailed ICT solution design, client and school engagement, specialist subcontractor procurement, value engineering, cross-discipline design & integration, specialist subcontractor management, testing, snagging, user training and handover.

  • 12 schools opened with enhanced solutions, on time and on budget. 10,000 pupils and 1,000 staff now enjoy reliable, modern, responsive ICT solutions that are well-integrated into the building fabric of exceptional new facilities. On-going commercial relationships have been created between the ICT subcontractor and schools.


Multi-Academy Trust (Jan 2015 - Mar 2016)


30-day, 12-month Construction ICT Management assignment to support a new free school receiving a refurbished building. The work included a visioning exercise, solution design, the management of the school's interests in engagements with the Council sponsor and construction company, and the procurement of school-funded ICT equipoment and an associated managed ICT service. For a temporary period, following partial handover, the 80-metre-separated refurb adn existing buildings operated simultaneously and services from a single shared server room were required in both buildings while works continued. The challenges this posed were significant and introduced delays had to be managed both with school operation and supplier contracts affected.

  • The school has new accommodation with well-integrated, reliable ICT facilities and a new support provider.


Multi-Academy (Primary) Trust, London (Qtr1 2015)


12-day, 3-month ICT strategy development commission: 1) Identify best practice at 6 sites and isolate supporting infrastructure & service components. 2) Develop strategy & action plan to extend best practice across all schools and enable rapid impact in new schools. 3) Document as-is state, future desired state and action plan. 4) Analyse plan for benefits, impacts, risks, implementation costs, revenue cost deltas and other factors.

  • The Trust has made immediate savings in opening a new school and has a strategy & plan to develop ICT.


Secondary School, Cheshire (Jan 2014 - Feb 2015)


100-day engagement over a 12-month period: emergency step in to manage the current service while supporting the design & transition to a new service regime. The work involved documenting a poorly understood service & infrastructure while managing service delivery, technical team management, supplier management, service improvement, transition planning, rationalisation and handover to a new provider.

  • The school now has a long-term, well-planned ICT solution to support core business activities.


Multi-School (Primary) Federation, NW England (Feb 2015)


2-day short commission to implement a new OpenText FirstClass collaboration platform for a Multi-School Federation including stakeholder management, requirements analysis, supplier management, implementation, Change management, transition and familiarisation.

  • As a result the Federation’s teams are able to communicate electronically, with no more paper memos.


City Council, UK (Jan 2015)


4-day, 1-month independent review and scrutiny of the ISP market for schools with detailed report into two aspects – a) what the market has to offer / benchmarked appraisal of value for money; and b) what to look out for when selecting an ISP service – pitfalls and additional available benefits.

  • The City Council use the report to openly advise client schools and tailor their offering to remain on market.


Secondary School, South Yorkshire (Nov 2014)


25-day rapid service improvement assignment: assess current technical, functional & operational aspects of the ICT installation, service and team. Produce detailed report identifying candidates for improvement (with benefits & impacts), prioritised and costed recommendations, and document pack for initial supplier invitation to build improvement from the foundation up.

  • The school has an action plan and supporting resources to procure the infrastructure for an improved service.


Multi-Academy Trust, West Midlands & Oxfordshire (Oct 2014)


3-day short assignment to implement and transition to Microsoft Office 365 for Education including stakeholder management, requirements analysis, technical design and implementation, transition, user familiarisation & change control.

  • The Trust now exclusively and effectively utilise Office 365 for email, storage and collaboration.


Secondary Academy, Buckinghamshire (Jan – Sep 2014)


20-day, 9-month assignment to provide strategic advice and design, procure & transition to a new ICT service including identifying and documenting requirements, competitive framework procurement support, exit planning, implementation & transition. The engagement continues with various options appraisals to drive service improvement and ensure on-going best value.

  • As a result the school has a simplified, rationalised ICT service with clear objectives & commercial structures.


ICT Consultancy Provider, East Yorkshire-Greater London (Dec 2013 on-going)


On-going 20-day per annum strategic ICT advisory support for a 3-year school-building programme supporting a delivery team with additional technical expertise for bid, design, procurement, installation and commissioning of infrastructure in 11 new schools.

  • The bids were successful. detailed design is complete and ICT/build integration continues to be well managed.

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