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Indici ICT has been working in ICT in the education market for nearly 20 years. We know and understand primary schools, secondaries and academies and understand what they expect from the changing relationships with Local Authorities.


As a result Indici ICT can support you in your engagement with education customers, whether in LA control or self-governing, or potential customers of your Traded Services or the recipients of services under contract from you as a commissioner.


Contract Management


Many schools want individual control but are part of an aggregated, commissioned contract historically procured by the LA but operated in a new world where the LA are caught in the middle with fewer resources than ever.


Performance Monitoring

  • do your schools see the contractor's performance in the same way the contractor does?
  • are you clear on how each party is operating as you manage the contract from the middle ground?

Reporting Obligations

  • is your contractor meeting their contractual reporting obligations?

Termination vs Change

  • are your schools asking for termination?
  • would Change be a more appropriate solution?

Capital Funds Remaining

  • capital allocations were clear at Financial Close but corporate memory is not so clear through changes of personnel - does this sound familiar?
  • what is available?
  • when can it be spent?
  • is it ringfenced for a particular project/exit strategy/final-year data centre refresh or can it be re-directed?

Exit Strategy

  • are you approaching the end of the contract?
  • are you ready to plan for exit in 18 months time?


Bid Support 

  • we understand how education customers evaluate your proposals. Let us help you to write proposals that get to the important points quickly - proposals that win business; SLA's that work for you and give your customers what they need.


Service Design 

  • we know what schools and academies want and how they want to receive their services
  • we know what they do for themselves and what they want to integrate from you



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